Your clients think Digital is the NormIf you're not engaging them digitally, you're slipping further from the norm

It’s time to fess up…

Most contemporary businessmen and women have a presence online, and they expect to find you there too. Kids coming out of college, and an increasingly large number of the older generation, think Digital is the Norm.

So unless you can reach out and engage your target market on their turf, you’ll lose sales to others who do.

Having been around the traps for more years than we care to remember, we’ve come to the realization that computers scare far to many entrepreneurs. And as a result, many are missing out on fantastic opportunities to have their unique products and services noticed in their marketplace.

“We’re determined to see our clients professionally presented across multiple social networks, and actively engaging with their clients and prospects.”

Fuelled by the soaring values in Auckland, and the promise of the Christchurch rebuild, the rapidly thawing economy is whipping the construction industry into a frenzy. Products and processes are evolving fast, and everyone is hungry for their share of the pie.

On June 25th NZ Statistics announced “The trend for the number of new dwellings is at its highest level since December 2007, and is 86 percent higher than the most-recent low point in March 2011. The unadjusted value of building work consented in May 2014 was $1.2 billion.” That’s $14 billion worth of business! Do you think there’s going to be a lot of companies vying for specifiers attention?

Our principals are construction industry professionals and we understand the often divergent needs of both commercial and domestic asset owners, and project builders and specifiers. And we know how to communicate with (and engage) the multitude of stake-holders in every project.

Did you know:

  • There are more Facebook pages in NZ than there are people?
  • Youtube (video) is the second largest search engine?
  • Pinterest is one of the major sources for construction project inspiration?
  • When someone Google’s you, they’re more likely to open your LinkedIn page than your corporate web page?

There’s hundreds of social media sites you could be on. We’ve identified 6-12 that you should be on.

Contact us if you’d like to learn a little more.

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